More Energy


You know I love to share how this juice is helping people right!? Well this story really hit home for me because I remember what it felt like to be in that space. Tired, no energy, feeling like you can’t keep up.. The difference is, back then, I didn’t have access to this incredible drink. I was 5 kids in before I was introduced to it!

I have a small child who is very active and I was really struggling to keep up with him. After one week I started waking up feeling like I had energy to get through the day and now we don’t seem to catch every little thing anymore. So happy I’ve found this product.

A Mumma With Low Energy

When Sam first reached out, she was desperate. Her energy levels were super low and life just didn’t feel good anymore. She was struggling to get things done during the day and the constant demands of her little one left her feeling exhausted. Her relationship with her husband suffered because all she could think about was how everything was piling up around her and that made her feel resentful towards her husband, even though she knew he was doing all he could to help.

Sam had seen me talking in our Better Health Group about this all natural juice and how much it gave me the energy to get through my day and thought “What have I got to lose!!” And I tell you what, she has never looked back!

Immediately she noticed something different. In fact, the very first day she messaged me in tears saying she felt like this was an answered prayer. I wholeheartedly believe that too.

The Result

7 days in and she was waking up without the usual brain fog and noticed that she didn’t need to reach for that afternoon sweet snack or cup of coffee like she used to. Her mood had improved, she was feeling more connected to her hubby and overall life was great.

Oh and let’s not forget!.. she’s now experienced firsthand how the immune boosting qualities of this incredible product have improved her family’s health. But that’s a WHOLE other story for a whole other day.

Sam says that she is super excited to continue on with her superfood juice and is even now looking into the benefits of our 21 Day Wellness program to lose weight, get fit and detox from all the gunk that is so prevalent in today’s modern world.

If you’re sitting there thinking, “OMG that is me too!”, then comment below, email me, FB stalk me.. whatever you have to do to get my attention. I promise you, THIS is what you have been waiting for.