Massage is one of those things that not everyone enjoys but everyone needs!

There are so many health benefits that I could write numerous posts on it, but for now, I’ll just list a few..

  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • reduces tension in the body
  • relaxes tight muscles
  • improves digestive function
  • lowers cortisol
  • relaxes nervous system
  • lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  • improves blood circulation
  • improves function of lymphatic system
  • improves function of immune system
  • improves sleep
  • increases energy
  • improves alertness
  • improves flexibility

I could literally go on and on and if you are someone who has experienced a wonderful massage, you will know how it feels to float off the table when it’s done.

The effects of a good massage can last for weeks, especially if taken regularly.


Have you ever added essential oils to your treatment?

Aromatherapy massage has its own unique sequence, primarily to improve lymph flow and relax the body.

By adding essential oils to any massage session you will not only be gaining the benefits of the massage but also of the specific oils that are chosen.

Your therapist may already have a selection of oils to choose from, however they also may allow you to bring your own.

Here are my favourite massage blend recipes for relaxation..

Add essential oils to a 50mL glass amber dropper bottle, then top up with your chosen carrier oil.

15 drops Eucalyptus radiata, 10 drops Tangerine, 5 drops Geranium

15 drops Orange, 10 drops Sandalwood, 5 drops Ylang Ylang

15 drops Roman Chamomile, 10 drops Geranium, 5 drops Lavender

15 drops Geranium, 10 drops Eucalyptus radiata, 5 drops Lavender


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