Little babies need little more than warmth, comfort, love and milk. So when setting up space for the arrival of your little one, here are a few tips..


1. Keep them close! The closer your baby is to you, the less they will cry. It’s a very raw and biological instinct to keep your baby near you. If baby can smell you, hear your heartbeat and touch your skin, they will feel safe.


2. Less is more! Babies don’t need all the bells and whistles or the latest pram, cot, highchair or toys. Let’s be real.. grown ups want those things, babies don’t actually care. Our precious little ones just want you to engage with them and teach them how to smile and laugh.


3. Avoid electronics. Babies do not need the latest technology. They will actually be smarter and healthier without it! Babies are hardwired to learn about the people around them and their natural surroundings. Truly, that’s all they need! It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that they need so much more, but it simply isn’t true. Save your money.


4. Remove all toxic cleaners and personal care products from your home. These are an insult to the senses, especially for baby, and they are also harmful to their growing bodies. This is a priority!! You are better off washing your baby in plain old water then buying that “organic” baby wash from the supermarket that promises to take care of your baby “naturally”. Most products, even those that are marketed for sensitive skins, are full of harmful ingredients that are toxic to your beautiful bundle of joy.


5. Use natural aromas to gently fragrance your home and to create a peaceful environment. This will benefit both you and baby. Just a word of wisdom.. go easy on the oils, especially in the early hours of birth, and only use the purest you can find. It is critical for bonding for both baby and mother to recognise each other’s smell. A blessing of Frankincense here and a drop of Lavender there will be beautiful, but heavy doses of any fragrance may disrupt this natural process.


6. Get your rest, ask for help and RELAX. Listen to your body and the needs of your baby. They don’t come with a manual but both mother and baby have been gifted with this thing called intuition. The two of you have been working harmoniously for the last 9 months, living and breathing together. Read all you can, connect with your support network but keep the focus on reading your baby and tuning in to the signs that he or she is giving you. And above all else.. don’t be in a hurry. I promise you those precious early days will fly by and someday you will cry at how little they once were.

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